Arby's (Arby's Restaurant Group) 3400 locations

1155 Perimeter Ctr W, Atlanta GA

Arby's is the first nationally franchised sandwich restaurant brand, with more than 3,300 restaurants worldwide.

Actively expanding in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC

Expansion Plans

Preferred A sites: Corners, mall/shopping centers out parcels, freeway locations, conversion of existing buildings. High visibility with easy ingress/egress, lack of median, far corner, traffic signal and good highway orientation. Sign requirements: maximum allowed by city codes. Freestanding concept: building size 2000-2500 sq ft; lot size .50-.75 acre; parking-preferred parking/seating ratio 1:2; seating 40-50. End Cap/In Line Concept: flexible size and dimensions; end cap with drive thru preferred; variable footprint and seating; full menu; creative store front design. Mall/Shopping centers, Mall Food Courts. Frontage Preferred: 30’. End caps with drive thru, shopping centers, strip centers, urban in-line, conversion of existing buildings, out-parcels, mall/food court. Total Square Footage Preferred:2,400+ Frontage Preferred: 30’ Type of Real Estate Preferred:Freestanding or endcap drive thru, high traffic, lunch centered, easy access Those who love meat! Core: 35 – 45 yr old males, hardworking people who want a quality meat filled lunch without wait service.

Daytime including blue collar, $45 - $75K HH income, 15K 2 mi HHs

Traffic: 20,000 cars per day on main road and 12,000 cars per day on secondary roads. Population: residential population 14,000 and daytime population of 6000 within a 5 minute drive time. Those who love meat! Core: 35 – 45 yr old males, hardworking people who want a quality meat filled lunch without wait service. Daytime including blue collar, $45 - $75K HH income, 15K 2 mi HHs Busy street with traffic generators and competitor bubble in proximity

Preferred Property Types are Strip Center,Strip Center (Mall adjacent),Neighborhood or Community Center,Freestanding,Regional Mall
Desired size is 750 to 3600 sq ft
Minimum income is $45,000
Minimum population is 14,000
Demographic Range is 2 Miles
Traffic Count is 20,000

Company Representatives

Adam Hagerman (Retail Associate)

C: (717) 843-5555
W: (540) 362-4911

Anthony Russo (Vice President of Real Estate)

C: (516) 231-4232
W: (847) 510-2500

Barret Espe (Vice President)

W: (512) 757-6349

Ben Meier (VP, The Lerner Company)

C: (402) 210-5313
W: (402) 502-4715

Bert Lane (Sr Director of Franchising QSR & Key Accounts )

Bonnie Gatine (Director of Real Estate)

C: 949-874-3696

Brad Rohrbaugh (Executive Vice President, Bennett Williams)

W: (717) 843-5555

Brian Bern (Sr Director, Franklin Street Real Estate)

C: (813) 505-6159
W: (813) 658-3343

Chad Stine (President & CEO )

W: (717) 843-5555

Clay Graham (Principal, Fox & Graham, LLC)

W: (281) 855-1300 x3

Dan McVeigh (Sr. Director of Real Estate)

W: (917) 301-1228

David Skidmore (Director of Real Estate)

C: (678) 578-0644
W: (678) 514-4253

Eileen Mitchell (Executive VP)

W: (212) 239-1100

Jason Ryals (EVP)

C: (352) 246-7594
W: (904) 861-1136

Jonathan DiGiovanni (Real Estate Portfolio )

Kyle Farley (Director)

W: (516) 874-8070 x1512

Lindsay Morriss (Managing Director)

W: (561) 447-8610

Lindsey Barden (Principal Broker and Founder)

W: (804) 909-2002

Michael Dee (Director Of Real Estate)

C: (214) 668-6776
W: (678) 514-5262

Michael Landru (Director of Real Estate)

C: (586) 764-0001
W: (678) 514-5262

Patrick Miller (Principal)

W: (443) 632-2042

Randy Tomczak (Director Real Estate)

C: (219) 629-5999
W: (678) 514-5262

Ray Lauletti (Vice President)

C: (973)-906-9323

Ryan Phelps (Real Estate Contact)

W: (407) 314-6006

Ryan Robin (Sr. VP)

W: (832) 794-0733

Scott Laeber (Vice President - Retail Properties, Colliers Inter)

C: (916) 837-9384
W: (916) 563-3040

Scott Tiernan (SVP & Managing Principal)

C: (757) 869-3798
W: (678) 420-1385

T.J. Powell (First Vice Presdent)

W: (512) 236-4605

Walt Nelson (Principal, Trinity CRE)

W: (239) 334-3040