Krikorian Premiere Theatres (Krikorian Premiere Theatres, LLC)

Actively expanding in California

About the Company

When asked what Krikorian Premiere Theatres and its well-recognized brand stand for, George Krikorian simply says, "Quality." And for those who know him, this is no mystery. George Krikorian has always placed a high value on quality, whether it was for excellence in design, technology, management, or in the style and architecture in which his theatres are built. But for those who are new to this inspiring and very successful entrepreneur, the story behind the secret to his success is probably new as well. George Krikorian began his career as an unassuming education major specializing in real estate. Early signs of his future success in the motion picture exhibition industry were already apparent even back then. As Krikorian's expertise grew, so did a favorable reputation of having a keen eye for new and exciting opportunities. Pretty soon, this hands-on real estate developer became a full-fledged licensed Real Estate Broker running his own successful development business. His longtime experience with building custom homes, office and retail projects, as well as planned condominium housing projects in Los Angeles and San Diego County, ultimately lead him to having an in-house development-construction team of professional experts who would become a part of the family soon to become Krikorian Premiere Theatres. George Krikorian founded Krikorian Premiere Theatres in 1984 with his first successful multiplex theatre, the Peninsula Cinema 9 on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Inside the theaterBy 1996 he had built a successful movie chain of nearly 100 screens in Southern California. In 1996, Krikorian sold existing theatres to Regal Cinemas, then the second largest theatre chain in North America. Immediately after having sold his theatres to Regal, Krikorian embarked on a new venture of building another circuit of theatres. The primary difference between the old theatres and the new complexes is quality. Although the original theatres were built to high quality standards, they were designed with smaller-sized auditoriums and the floors were sloped. In contrast, all the new complexes have stadium seating, large auditoriums for maximum and optimum patron viewing, and master craftsman finishing touches resulting in true architectural grandeur of the old Hollywood movie palace. The structural style of each newly built complex reflects the flavor and unique architectural character of the community in which it is located. Since the beginning, Krikorian Premiere Theatres has specialized in the development of first class movie venues in urban redevelopment projects. A few of those theatre complexes built in downtown redevelopment projects include Downey, Redlands, and Monrovia. Recently, Krikorian Premiere Theatres finished development and construction of redevelopment projects in the cities of Buena Park, and Vista. Whenever someone visits a Krikorian Theatre for good ol' fashioned fun and entertainment, "Moviegoing is always a premiere event," which is also their motto. Is the experience, then, really an echo of grand old Hollywood? Is it really a premiere event? You'll have to see for yourself, but you'd better arrive early for the best seats. So, evidently the new look of Krikorian Premiere Theatres attracts the crowds everywhere they're built. No wonder, then, why their motto speaks of the moviegoing experience as an event. Outside the theaterA motto, whose foundation is built on just one element that, unfortunately, has become too much of a missing component these days in other exhibition companies. But not at Krikorian Premiere Theatres. Here, the secret is alive and well, apparent at every movie, at every theatre, and if you look it can even be seen in the customers' faces filled with smiles and anticipation, anxiously awaiting their entrance through the front doors of a modern-day movie palace known as Krikorian Premiere Theatres - "where moviegoing is always a premiere event." That's because the secret that has always been -- and will always be -- used to build each and every Krikorian Premiere Theatre, is just one word. Quality.

Last updated: October 23, 2019

Current Locations
HQ Address
2275 West 190th Street, Torrance, CA,

Expansion Plans

Free Standing, Lifestyle Center, Power Center, Regional Mall, Specialty Strip -

Desired size
40,000 to 120,000 sq ft
Expanding in
Demographic Range
3 miles
Min Population
Min Income


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